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Current Edition Fall/Winter 2023

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With over 50 years of experience, Southdown is dedicated to clinical and organizational excellence in providing preventative and restorative care, using the best of psychological science and practice integrated with the wisdom of the Catholic spiritual tradition.

At Southdown, we believe that hiring a skilled and diverse workforce is essential to our success as a health care service provider. Employment opportunities are posted here on an ongoing basis. If you do not see a current opportunities that suit your background, skills and experience, you may also submit your resume to for future consideration.  

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Internship Opportunities

Southdown is committed to providing internship opportunities for university students who are enrolled in psychology, counselling, and nursing programs. If you are interested in exploring an internship opportunity with Southdown, we invite you to email:

Rev. Francois Diouf, OSB, Ph.D.
President and Chief Clinical Officer

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Our strategic plan guides our work and details the actions that we will take in the achievement of established goals.

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