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Southdown provides preventative and restorative care to Clergy and Vowed Religious using the integration of psychological, physical and interpersonal practice with the wisdom of the Catholic Spiritual Tradition.

Recognizing the Problem

Mental health issues affect people of all ages and circumstances, and impact one’s ability to participate fully in community and function effectively in ministry. If you or anyone you know is struggling with day to day interactions in ministry or relationships, experiencing depression or anxiety, or struggling with a substance or behavioural addiction and are in need of assistance, please contact us.

Our Approach

An integrated client-centred approach to treatment is the core of our program. All residents follow an individualized goal-focused treatment plan geared to their individual needs. The community living component provides support and encouragement for the growth and transformation of each of its members.

Programs & Services

  • Candidate & Clinical Assessments
  • 14-week Residential Program
  • Minimum 18-month Continuing Care Program
  • Outpatient Services
  • Consultation, Education & Outreach

Assessment Program

Southdown offers two types of Assessments: Candidate and Clinical.

Candidate Assessment: Individuals considering priesthood or religious life benefit from the insights offered through the assessment process. It provides an effective tool for formation personnel as they journey with candidates through the formation process. The assessment results provide leadership and vocation and formation directors with a clearer understanding of the candidate’s ability to minister, to live in community, and to relate meaningfully with others. This information is valuable for the candidate’s personal growth.

Clinical Assessment: Individuals experiencing significant stress arising from personal problems or difficulties in ministry or in relationships benefit from the clarity and insights of this process. An assessment offers an in-depth diagnostic evaluation of the presenting issues and assists the individual and leadership in implementing a plan to address concerns. The objective is to identify measurable goals for personal development and determine a course of action most appropriate and beneficial to the individual.

Residential Program

  • Individual and group psychotherapy
  • Addiction counselling, education and process groups
  • Cognitive-behavioural therapy
  • Goals Group and Community Group
  • Spiritual direction and Spirituality Group
  • Psycho-educational seminars
  • Wellness and nutrition
  • Psychiatric assessment
  • Professional nursing care
  • Pottery
  • Transition and continuing care services
  • Mindfulness and Breathing Group

Community liturgy and opportunity for prayer and reflection foster both spiritual and emotional healing.

Addiction Program

The Addiction Program provides support in achieving sobriety and ongoing recovery from chemical and behavioural addictions. Individuals in this track receive addiction education, individual and group process therapy and 12-Step programs.

Continuing Care Program

The Continuing Care Program provides ongoing support to both the individual and leadership following residential treatment. Residents, in their last month of treatment, begin the transition phase as preparation for departure. Development of a Relapse Prevention Plan and Covenant for Mission provide a road map for healthy living. The Discharge Planning Meeting includes the individual, leadership, primary therapist and Continuing Care Coordinator. An important part of ongoing support includes participation in Connections workshops at Southdown that address recovery issues and provide encouragement and assistance. Leadership are a significant part of this process and are included in the workshop. The Continuing Care Coordinator and Southdown’s clinical team are available for consultation at any time during this process.

Consultation, Education & Outreach

Our professional staff is available for consultation, facilitation, training, presentations, educational workshops, and team building activities for leadership, congregations and dioceses. Topics include:

  • Team development
  • Prevention and wellness education
  • Conflict management
  • Organizational transformation
  • Transitioning for new and outgoing leaders

Workshops are tailored specifically to your needs and can be offered at a location of your choice.

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