Why Southdown? Why Now?

If you or someone you know is struggling with depression, anxiety, addictions, burnout, or other psychological stress, give us a call. Consultations are free and strictly confidential. Whether you are in a leadership position dealing with a difficult situation or find yourself personally experiencing difficulties our expert clinical staff can listen and offer clarity and or direction.

• 14-week residential stay: goal oriented program allows for shorter stay with the same results as a standard six-month program

• Client-focused: customized flexible programming for each resident allows for accommodating various presenting issues and concerns of the referral source

• Research based clinical approach addressing the needs of today’s church ministers

• Assessment Plus: time-limited residential stay offers support to a former resident or to assess a developing complex psychological process. Particularly appropriate and effective for medication management and developing cognitive issues

• Continuing Care:  support for residents continues for a minimum of 18 months to consolidate the skills obtained while in residency. This process includes regular contact through technology and Connections workshops at Southdown during the continuing care phase

• New facility: recently constructed accessible facility facilitates a community-centered treatment program, where residents are living and working through issues in a communal setting

• Spiritual integration: regular spiritual counseling assisting with the integration of the inner psychological work with interior life of prayer and contemplation

• Leadership collaboration: leadership inclusion throughout the assessment and the residential stay improves the potential for a successful treatment outcome. Clear and achievable goals are communicated early in the process with mid-treatment dialogue between resident, therapist, and leader

• Subsidy: assistance for those with limited resources is possible because of the generosity of our donors so that no one in need is denied services

• Canadian dollar exchange rate: decrease in the value of the Canadian dollar significantly reduces the residential cost for The United States and International users

Southdown has provided expert mental-health treatment to religious and clergy since 1966 with Gratitude, Compassion and Care.

For additional information or to discuss individual needs or concerns, please call us at:
905 727 4214 or email us.

Religious Leaders, Southdown Board, Alumni and Staff talk about our healing mission in this video produced by Salt and Light TV:

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