Southdown offers two types of assessments:

Clinical Assessment is for individuals experiencing significant stress arising from personal problems or some difficulty in ministry or relationships. The assessment offers an in-depth diagnostic evaluation to identify presenting issues and to assist the individual and leadership in implementing a plan to address the concerns. The objective is to identify specific and measurable goals for personal development and determine what course of action may be most appropriate and beneficial to the individual.

Candidate Assessment is for persons considering entry into priesthood or religious life. Since 1985, Southdown’s assessment service has assisted vocation and formation directors, as well as the leadership of dioceses and religious congregations, to learn about their candidates’ ability to minister, to live in community, and to relate meaningfully with others. The assessments have also been an effective tool for formators as they assist the candidates in their development throughout the formation process.


Assessment Scheduling

Flexible scheduling is available whenever the person or the referring leadership needs the service.

Each person is housed in a comfortable, private room. Accessible rooms are available for residents with mobility issues.

Liturgy is available daily as part of our emphasis on prayerful contemplation and reflection.

For additional information or to discuss individual needs or concerns, please call us at:
905 727 4214 or email us.

General Brochure

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