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The Seeking Heart: A Journey with Henri Nouwen

[by Charles R. Ringma | Paraclete Press (MA) 2006]

Explore the way of the seeking heart with Henri Nouwen as your guide. In this lively new book, Charles Ringma recognizes the human quest for transcendence, beauty, peace and inner well-being, as well as the search for relational wholeness.

Focusing on the most basic human needs—using the human heart as a recurring metaphor— The Seeking Heart explores:

  • Heart Cries—The beauty and pain of the human condition
  • Heart Transformations—The joy and challenge of conversion and renewal
  • Heart and Head—The journey and empowerment of faith seeking understanding
  • Heart to Heart—The wonderment and responsibility of friendship and community
  • Heart Darkness—Faith and mystery in the journeys of doubt and the dark night of the soul
  • Heart and Hand—Self-giving and receiving in the midst of loving and serving
  • The Heart’s True Home—Anticipating and seeking God’s final future

With brief reflections for all people wanting to better understand the human condition,  the search for human wholeness, prayer, meditation, community, and the concern for justice in the world, The Seeking Heart will be a rich resource for personal reflection and group discussion.

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