Resilience, a Light at the Dawn of Trauma

Description:  Most of us have endured or are enduring traumatic events in our lives. These traumatic events often leave deep emotional wounds or psychic scars in us, impacting our wellbeing in many ways.

If you are interested in learning ways to re-write the narrative of a traumatic event by giving it new meaning, this webinar is designed for you. In this fascinating two webinar series, we will explore resilience through the lens of psychology and spirituality and identify the ways that resilient mechanisms can be used in our daily lives.

Date: Saturdays: February 6, 13, 2021

1:00 am – 2:30 pm Eastern Time (ET)

Participant Limit: 100

Fee: $50.00

Duration: 90 Minutes

Delivery Platform: Zoom

Presenter: Rev. Francois Diouf, OSB, Ph.D.

Clinical Team Member


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