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Welcome to our new Southdown Community Wellness Services. We invite you online for connections to the many options designed to help you navigate these new and challenging times.

Online Counselling and Psychotherapy

The Southdown Institute now provides Virtual Outpatient Psychotherapy in individual and group formats, to the entire Catholic population, ordained and lay alike, in Saskatchewan, Alberta and Ontario. Contact us today and discover how our trusted team of clinicians can be of service.  We are here to accompany you and to help.

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Spirituality and Psychotherapy Groups

Please click each Read More and Register to see detailed information for that specific online offering and to register. Remember to visit this page often, as additional links to virtual offerings will be added as we move forward.  Click here for a list of our 2021 Southdown Community Wellness Services offerings.

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Healthy Relating: Strategies for Effective Communication 

Psychoeducation Webinar Series: January 8, 15, 22, and 29, 2021

Presenter: Carol Cavaliere, MA

Relationships are at the core of our personal and professional lives; however, our relationships can only be as healthy as we are. Many of us struggle to communicate effectively and manage conflict directly—often damaging our own well-being, as well as the health and stability of these interpersonal connections. Developing skills to communicate in an open and assertive manner can improve our relationships and support effective conflict resolution.

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La Résilience, une Lumière à l’aurore du Trauma

Séminaires Interactifs en Ligne: janvier 23, 30, 2021

Présentateur:  Rev. Francois Diouf, OSB, PhD

La plupart d’entre nous ont subissent ou ont subi des événements traumatisants dans leur vie. Ces événements traumatisants laissent souvent en nous des blessures émotionnelles profondes ou des cicatrices psychiques, affectant à bien des égards notre bien-être. Bien que les faits d’une expérience ne puissent pas changer, il existe des moyens de transformer un événement traumatique en un bourgeonnement post-traumatique. La recherche a beaucoup documenté sur le fait que la résilience peut nous apprendre à revisiter nos événements malheureux ou traumatisants, et les cicatrices qui en résultent d’une manière transformatrice qui nous permet de relire nos histoires différemment et y trouver un nouveau sens.

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Mindful Living and Stress Management

Teletherapy Group: February 3, 10, 17, 24 and March 24, 31, 2021

Facilitator: Marc Simpson, BSW, MSW, RSW

Do you experience negative thought patterns that contribute to symptoms of depression, anxiety, and stress? Are you looking for a way to change these patterns of behaviour to improve your quality of life? Mindfulness Living Stress Management is a group therapy that is designed to help individuals connect their patterns of thinking with their moods, behaviours, and other physical symptoms that they are experiencing.

In this 8-week group experience, individuals will learn, through a therapeutic framework, how to make meaningful changes to their environments, thoughts, and behaviours to improve their overall well-being.

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Resilience, a Light at the Dawn of Trauma 

Psychoeducation Webinar Series: February 6, 13, 2021

Presenter:  Rev. Francois Diouf, OSB, PhD

Most of us have endured or are enduring traumatic events in our lives. These traumatic events often leave deep emotional wounds or psychic scars in us, impacting our wellbeing in many ways. While the facts of an experience cannot change, there are ways to turn even a traumatic event into post-traumatic growth. Research has well documented that resilience has the capacity to help us look at our traumatic events and the resulting scars in a transformative way so that we are able to “read” our stories differently and find new meaning in the narrative.

If you are interested in learning ways to re-write the narrative of a traumatic event by giving it new meaning, this webinar is designed for you. In this fascinating two webinar series, we will explore resilience through the lens of psychology and spirituality and identify the ways that resilient mechanisms can be used in our daily lives.

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A Long Loving Look at the Real: Theological Reflection in Lent

Spirituality Group: February 18 or March 4, 2021

Facilitator:  Greta DeLonghi, MA, DSD

Not sure what to “do for Lent”? Do you desire transformation? Are you looking for a way to reflect more deeply and holistically on your life experiences and find meaning in them? Theological reflection is a dynamic process that leads to transformation by bringing your life experiences into conversation with context, faith tradition and spirituality. The insights and integration from this process can lead to new actions and transformation.

We invite you join us for this two-hour workshop based on the teachings of Kathleen McAlpin in her book Ministry That Transforms: A Contemplative Process of Theological Reflection. You will be led through the goals, sources, and components in the process of theological reflection. There will be opportunities to share in small and large groups.

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Dangers of Sex and Pornography Addiction

Psychoeducation Webinar: February 20 or March 6, 2021

Facilitator:  Rev. Stephan Kappler, Psy.D., C.Psych. R.Psych.

A great deal of psychological research has been conducted in the past decade that can help us understand the dangers of sex and pornography addiction. You may have been horrified to read in a news headline about a frightening percentage of children ages 8-16 that have seen pornography on the internet. You may also be aware that sexual addiction and pornography addiction have become well-known detrimental issues for adults, negatively impacting relationships, employment, and other aspects of a person’s life and ability to function.

In this webinar we will explore key aspects of addiction, with a focus on sex and pornography addiction, the harms caused by these addictions and a review of prevention strategies and paths for treatment and recovery. These are sensitive issues, and this candid webinar is intended for an adult audience.

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Virtual 6-Day Guided Lent Retreat

Spirituality Group: March 8 – 13, 2021

Retreat Director: Febe Aguirre, MEd, CSD

. . . a time of renewed attention and a deeper quality of listening and praying amid your day to day lived experience. Be where you are–in your home, convent or in the bustling city or at the epicenter. Find solace, nurturing silence and contemplative spirit in the “overflowing sink of dirty pots and pans”, and experience a retreat carried on at home during daily living.

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Our Faith: A Key to Sustained Mental Health in Times of Crisis

Psychoeducation Webinar: March 20 and 27, 2021

Facilitator:  Rev. Stephan Kappler, Psy.D., C.Psych. R.Psych.

Have you heard people say that psychology and faith are incompatible? Have you sought help from a psychotherapist, and you felt as if your faith, your spirituality had to be left at the doorstep? Research has consistently shown us that faith and spirituality form an essential aspect of good mental health, and that people of faith can use their spirituality as a strong resource for emotional balance and health. This is especially true during times of crisis.

We invite you to join us for this two-part webinar, to engage in an interactive process of exploring how our faith can indeed be a key to sustained mental health. There will be time available at the conclusion of each webinar for questions and answers.

This is the second time that we are offering this popular two-part webinar series that was originally presented on November 14 and 21, 2020.

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And There’s More to Come in 2021 . . .

April 2021

Psychoeducation Webinar:

Art Journaling with Nadine Crescenzi

Teletherapy Groups:

Men’s Sexual Addiction Support and Recovery Group with Rev. Stephan Kappler, Psy.D., C.Psych. R.Psych.

Mindful Living and Stress Management Group with Marc Simpson, BSW, MSW, RSW

This is the second time that we are offering this dynamic eight-session teletherapy group that was originally offered between February 3 and March 31, 2021.

Spirituality Group:

A Long, Loving Look at the Real: Contemplative Group Spiritual Direction with Greta DeLonghi, MA, DSD

May 2021

Seminario Web de Psicoeducación:

Redescubriendo nuestras fortalezas espirituales presentado por Rev. Stephan Kappler, Psy.D., C.Psych. R.Psych.

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