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Mission & Vision

Our Vision

Healthy Individuals, Healthy Communities, Healthy Church.

Our Mission

Southdown provides preventative and restorative care using the integration of psychological, physical and interpersonal practice with the wisdom of the Catholic spiritual tradition.

Core Values

These are the guiding principles that provide a framework for leadership, daily decision and interactions at every level of our organization; they define what is important to us at Southdown:


We commit to engaging our clients, team members and community in building trust, upholding the inherent dignity and value of all.


We believe that holistic healing and well-being unfolds when there is harmony of mind, body, and spirit.


We create a welcoming, accessible and friendly environment of belonging, where we strive to honour and recognize diversity in cultures and backgrounds.


We aspire to the highest standards of excellence, seeking the strength of innovative and collaborative teamwork and leadership.


We build community on a foundation of care, respect, compassion and understanding.


Religious Leaders, Southdown Board, Alumni and Staff talk about our healing mission in this video produced by Salt and Light TV:

 General Brochure

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