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KAIROS Psychology Group provides psychological services to clergy, religious, candidates for ministry/religious formation, pastoral and spiritual leaders, and all who consider spirituality an integral part of their lives. All of the services are offered in English and Spanish. KAIROS was founded in Oakland, California by Dr. Stephan Kappler, a licensed psychologist.

After completing his post-doctoral training at the Southdown Institute, Dr. Kappler has maintained a connection with Southdown and follows its’ multidisciplinary assessment model.

KAIROS maintains Southdown’s tradition of providing the highest quality care for clergy and religious and helps to make it accessible to a larger population in the Western Ecclesial Region of the United States.

Dr. Kappler also provides Continuing Care services for clergy and religious who completed residential treatment at Southdown and have returned to their community/diocese in California.

More about KAIROS: http://kairospsychologygroup.com/

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