A Letter From Rev. Stephan Kappler

Dear Friends of Southdown,

I hope that you continue to be safe and well as the COVID-19 recovery begins. In our local communities and around the world, we are starting to see the realities of the ‘new normal’ as restrictions begin to ease.

Since the outset of the pandemic, Southdown has taken steps to prioritize the health and safety of our clients, staff and the communities we serve. To achieve this, we have adhered to the directives and recommendations of the provincial government and public health authorities. Over the past few months our team rallied together and not only navigated our way through the many changes, we embraced the challenges and, with God’s grace, began to forge a new and hope-filled path forward.

I am confident that the future will see us continuing to enhance and expand our program and services as we reach out to the larger Catholic community. I would like to share with you some of the details of our new path forward:

Residential:  We are preparing to relaunch our trusted residential program on August 1, 2020.  Protecting the health and safety of our clients and staff is a top priority as we continue to closely monitor the effects of COVID-19. You will find important information on our website that outlines a number of the heightened preventative measures that we have implemented to create a healthy and safe environment.

Assessments:  Our comprehensive assessment services are fully operational through a secure virtual platform in compliance with privacy legislation. Our new service option of providing on-line assessments will continue to be offered post-COVID-19.

Virtual Walk-in Clinic: Our Virtual Walk-in Clinic services began in April as a tele-therapy helpline for Clergy, Vowed Religious and Lay Pastoral Ministers throughout Canada and the USA. We have received positive feedback in response to this offering, including that the service was experienced as “unbureaucratic” and a “direct way to get in touch with the support offered by Southdown.” This new service will continue to be provided free of any charge for the intake and two sessions. The contact number is 289-763-1478 and the Clinic is available Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm (EDT), excluding statutory holidays.

Outpatient Services:  Our Outpatient Services include both individual and group therapy offerings and are now available to a wider population. I am delighted to announce that in addition to offering these services to Clergy, Vowed Religious and Lay Pastoral Ministers, we now welcome Catholic lay people who are seeking to integrate their spirituality and faith into the process of psychotherapy. However, please note that the Outpatient Services for Catholic lay people are currently available only within the Greater Toronto Area.

Spiritual Direction:  Spiritual direction is an important component of our services and our trained spiritual directors have accompanied Clergy and Vowed Religious for many decades. Our spiritual direction services are now available to any lay person who is seeking this professional guidance in their faith journey and spiritual life.

Art Therapy: One of our team members is in the process of completing her certification in clinical art therapy and is beginning a practicum through a virtual art therapy clinic. I am delighted to announce that she will be offering individual virtual sessions to Clergy, Vowed Religious and lay persons who are interested in receiving art therapy.

Please note that our new and expanded services are currently provided through a secure virtual platform.     

For further information on any of these program and service opportunities please contact us at 905-727-4214.

These are unique and challenging times and Southdown is responding to the evolving developments with COVID-19 while we continue to plan for the future. We are steadfast in our commitment to provide high quality programs and services to Clergy, Vowed Religious and Catholic lay people. While it is impossible to know how long this pandemic will last, protecting the health and safety of our clients and staff will continue to remain a primary focus as we begin to relaunch our residential program and, in time, our in-person services.


Rev. Stephan Kappler, PsyD., C.Psych.
President and Chief Psychologist

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