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What happens after I leave

The Southdown program is designed as a residential treatment experience typically extending for 14 weeks, and a follow-up or continuing care phase that extends for at least additional 18 months.

We believe that healing and coming to wholeness are lifetime processes and that the truth each resident comes to through the residential program needs support and encouragement. Therefore, we extend our help through Southdown’s Continuing Care program.

  • During the last month of residency, participants meet weekly, both as a group and individually, with a Continuing Care coordinator to reflect on their experience and to prepare for the transition back to ministry and daily life.
  • A Discharge Planning Conference, a meeting with the resident, the primary therapist and the leadership representative, is facilitated by a Continuing Care coordinator.
  • During the minimum of 18 months following departure, Continuing Care coordinator maintains contact with the former resident and their leadership in various ways.
  • Following residential treatment, each individual is scheduled to return to Southdown for a minimum of two intensive workshops. The first three-day workshop is usually scheduled between three and six months after discharge, with a second workshop scheduled around the 14 – 18 month mark.
  • At these workshops, recovery issues specific to each person, as well as concerns regarding ministry or placement are addressed.
  • Each person’s leadership representative is invited to attend the first day of the initial workshop. Sessions specifically directed toward leadership concerns, including strategies for intervention and mental health education updating are provided.
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